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Release and effective date: Apr 1, 2024

Version update tips:

Based on business adjustments,we have updated the Privacy Policy in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and technical specifications , which mainly include the following: Added personal information processing terms for WhatsApp Business API, Web Push, OTP products, and Emai(l extension functions); added types of personal information collected by developer customers.


You are welcome to use EngageLab products and/or services provided by Metaverse Cloud PTE.LTD. The EngageLab platform primarily provides you with messaging services such as email, SMS, WhatsApp Business API,web push and APP Push through its own or third-party channels.

The Personal Information security of you and your end users are important to us, we will do our best to provide a secure network environment to You and/or your end users.

This policy states the purpose, method, scope and security measures on how we collect, use, store, share and transfer your and/or your end users’ personal information and how you can use your right and approach to control your personal information, such as your and/or your end users` rights of access, rectification, deletion, etc. We try to use simple and plain language to help you understand this policy and we define key terms, please refer to Appendix 1: Keyword Definitions .

It should be noted that the products and services that third parties display, link or repackage our services and provide to their end users as the information controller must comply with the third party's privacy policy, and we cannot understand or control their information collection. For the purpose of use, please check carefully and carefully access or use third-party services.

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