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Production Quality Control And Shipping Process

 Production Quality Control And Shipping Process:


 Strict Quality Control (Reflected In What Points):

 Special material channel, no pollution contact.

 The production workshop and packaging workshop are separated separately, so as to be dedicated to the special area.

 Everyone who enters the workshop will clean their hands and disinfect their entire body before entering the workshop. 

     There is a separate observation channel for visitors to visit.

 Mechanical automation production, high output and high efficiency, more guaranteed quality, and faster delivery time.


 About Shipment:

 We will test the pre-production samples of each batch of goods before production, and arrange production after ensuring the quality qualified. 

      For large-scale production, we will also check each product and arrange shipment after confirming that it is qualified.

 We have many years of professional export experience, exporting goods to various regions of the world.